DragonEye Technology

Advanced Electro-Optical Sensor Systems

Achieving the optimum balance of features, performance, package size and low cost, the new DragonEye COMPACT Speed Lidar provides pinpoint, laser accurate speeds on vehicles up to 3000 ft (914 m) away. With its unique vertical grip, cushioned brow-pad eye-piece and standard 1:1 Head-Up display sight, the COMPACT provides hours of comfortable speed enforcement without eye or arm strain using just two standard AA batteries. With rapid acquisition algorithms and advanced anti-jamming, the DragonEye COMPACT proves there is no need to sacrifice critical performance features when selecting a low cost Lidar unit.


●  True color, unity power Head Up Display for quick easy targeting.
●  Rapid target acquisition and full continuous tracking capability.
●  Unique vertical handgrip and rubber browpad for quick steady aiming.
●  Operates on two standard or rechargeable "AA" batteries.
●  Equipped with DragonEye's proprietary anti-jamming algorithms.
●  Extremely lightweight (1 lb) and compact for easy stowage.